The History of Advertising

This project traces the history of advertising from 1440 to 2017, giving a comprehensive look at how advertising has progressed over nearly 600 years. Our timeline starts with the invention of the printing press, because without Gutenberg’s invention, the use of advertisements would not have picked up as much momentum. The timeline focuses on noteworthy facts pertaining to advertising and  influential examples of advertising throughout the years. Our information begins with print advertisements in magazines and newspapers, then leads to radio, television, internet, and eventually mobile advertisements. Throughout the examples of advertisements that have been highlighted, one can see that technological advancements have greatly impacted advertising. Much of the information was retrieved from numerous web pages, such as Ad Age and Cambridge Museum, as well as Stanley J. Baran’s textbook “Introduction to Mass Communication: Media Literacy and Culture.” This timeline was created by Morgan Ashley, Crystal Natalie, Emily-Ann Trautman, and Tatiana Tunstall.

The History of Advertising Timeline